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Records Classification and Retention Schedule

The Records Classification and Retention Schedule (RCRS) is the primary tool for managing records at UOIT. It has been developed to ensure that University Records are retained long enough to meet all compliance obligations, professional standards and operational needs. Compliance obligations include legal, regulatory and contractual obligations. The RCRS applies to all records created and used at UOIT, but each unit may use only a small subset of the Records Series that make up the RCRS.

The Records Classification and Retention Schedule is a Directive under the UOIT Policy Framework. View the Records Classification and Retention Directive in the Policy Library.

Which Records Series apply to my work?

It depends on your role at UOIT and the Organizational Area you work for. The RCRS is divided into eleven sections based on the work functions performed. Most sections have records series for specific Organizational Areas, although some Records Series will apply across many areas. In addition certain roles or areas have more complicated recordkeeping, and may need to deal with Records Series across several sections.

If you are a faculty member, responsible for recordkeeping in a faculty, involved in research or the administration of research, or are responsible for disposition for your unit, we have developed guides to point you in the right direction. View the RCRS by role.

Otherwise, please view the RCRS by section. Each section description on the following page will describe the types of records it contains and the units responsible for maintaining them.

If you need further assistance figuring out which Records Series apply to you, please contact

Section Descriptions

The Records Classification and Retention Schedule is divided into eleven major sections by work functions. Below you will find descriptions of the records in each section and the Responsible Units who must ensure that official copies of records series are kept for the full duration of their retention period, as required by the Records Management Policy.

  • Campus Administrative Services

    Consists of records related to services such as asset maintenance, facilities and inventory management, space planning, utilities, health and safety, and emergency management.

    Responsible Units:

    • Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability
    • Originating Faculty
    • Originating Unit
    • Faculty of Science
    • Health and Safety
    • Research Services
    • Radiation Safety & Biosafety

    View the Campus Administrative Services section of the RCRS. 

  • Compliance, Legal and Risk Management

    Consists of records related to compliance including access to information and privacy, records management and mandated government reporting, legal matters including legal advice, litigation and claims and risk management.

    Responsible Units:

    • Office of the University Secretary and General Counsel
    • Originating Unit

    View the Compliance, Legal and Risk Management section of the RCRS. 

  • Finance

    Consists of records relating to the management of the University’s finances including accounting, audits, banking, budgets, procurement, financial reporting and taxes.

    Responsible Units:

    • Finance
    • Originating Unit

    View the Finance section of the RCRS. 

  • Governance