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Academic Council Committee Members 2018-2019

  • Academic Council Executive Committee
    Name Position Term End
    Ex-Officio Members
    Steven Murphy President (Chair)
    Robert Bailey Provost
    Glenn Harvel CPRC Chair
    Langis Roy GSC Chair
    Ramiro Liscano COU Academic Colleague
    Appointed Members
    Hossam Kishawy Faculty 2019
    Andrew Hogue Faculty 2019
    Kimberly Nugent Faculty 2020
    Tess Pierce Faculty 2021
    Andrea Kirkwood Faculty 2019
    VACANT Student
  • Academic Appeals Committee
    Name Position Term End
    Barbara Perry Chair (Faculty) 2019
    Helene-Marie Goulding (Faculty) 2021
    Brent MacRae (Faculty) 2021
    Mark Green (Faculty) 2019
    Ibukun Abass Student 2019
    Sierra Dargan Student 2020
    Isabelle Simard Student 2019
  • Admissions and Scholarship Comittee
    Name Position Term End
    Joe Stokes Registrar (Chair) Ex-Officio
    Becky Dalton Associate Registrar, Admissions Ex-Officio
    Susan Allward Director, Financial Aid & Awards Ex-Officio
    Teresa Pierce Faculty (1) March 2019
    Christopher Collins Faculty (2) March 2019
    Mihai Beligan Faculty (3) March 2019
    Chelsea Jones Student (1) August 2019
    Lidya Salim Student (2) Aug 2020
  • Curriculum and Program Review Committee
    Name Position Term End
    Glenn Harvel Associate Provost (Chair) Ex-Officio
    Associate Registrar, Records Ex-Officio
    Kahlil El-Khatib Faculty (Business) 2021
    Roland van Oostveen Faculty (Education) 2019
    Matthew Kaye Faculty (Energy) 2019
    Hossam Kishawy Faculty (Engineering) 2019
    Brenda Gamble Faculty (Health Sciences) 2019
    Helene Leblanc Faculty (Science) 2021
    Olga Marques Faculty (Social Science) 2021
    Atta-ul Musawar Student 2019
  • Governance & Nominations Committee*