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Executive Committee


1.0  Mandate
As delegated by the Board of Governors from time to time:

1.1  The Executive Committee will exercise all powers and perform all duties of the Board of Governors between meetings of the Board to ensure the orderly flow of Board business and implementation of decisions.

2.0  Responsibilities

2.1  Act for the Board of Governors in situations which, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, require immediate action prior to the next meeting of the Board, and report to the Board of Governors on any action taken.
2.2  Act as a consultative body to the Board Chair, President and Committee Chairs.
2.3  Fix and provide for the remuneration, retirement and superannuation of the President.
2.4  Review annually the performance of the President.
2.5  Receive for approval from the President the President's proposed objectives for each forthcoming academic year and report to the Board of Governors on any action taken.
2.6  The Executive Committee may consider any other matters, which in the opinion of the Executive Committee, or at the request of the Board of Governors, would assist the Board of Governors in meeting its responsibilities.

3.0  Meetings

All meetings of the committee will be conducted in-camera.

4.0  Membership
The Committee shall be composed of:

    1. Board Chair (ex-officio)
    2. President (ex-officio)
    3. Board Vice-Chair
    4. Standing Committee Chairs of the Board
    5. The Secretary to the Board (non-voting)

5.0  Quorum
Quorum requires that half of the Committee members entitled to vote be present.

Draft: pending review and approval of the UOIT Board of Governors.