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Governance, Nominations and Human Resources Committee

1.  Terms of Reference

The Governance, Nominations and Human Resources Committee is a standing committee of the UOIT Board of Governors and is responsible for providing advice to the Board on its governance structure and processes, the nomination and election of new members and board performance, and matters concerning the university’s human resources policies, strategies and plans.
The Governance, Nominations and Human Resources Committee is empowered with decision-making authority on behalf of the Board of Governors with respect to the setting of human resources policies, compensation plans and collective bargaining mandates.
The Committee shall also consider such other matters that are delegated to the Committee by the UOIT Board of Governors.
Specifically, the Governance, Nominations and Human Resources Committee shall have the following responsibilities:

(i) Governance

    • Advising the Board on matters pertaining to the organization of the Board of Governors and its committees and the Board’s relationship with other bodies at the university as established in the UOIT Act and By-Laws
    • Periodically reviewing the UOIT By-Laws and other policies of the Board and its committees, and relevant university policies, making recommendations to the relevant governing body or administrative department for development and revision when appropriate

(ii) Nominations

    • Overseeing the process of recruiting, selecting and electing new governors and recommending their appointment to the Board, in accordance with the UOIT Act and By-laws. In doing so, the Committee shall strive to achieve a balance of skills, expertise and knowledge among its membership, while reflecting the demographic and cultural diversity of the communities served by the university
    • Overseeing the development of programs for the orientation and ongoing education of governors on university operations, matters affecting the post-secondary education sector, and good governance practices
    • Developing, implementing and monitoring procedures for assessing the effectiveness of the Board and its committees
    • Overseeing the nomination and election of a Chair and Vice-Chair from among the external governors of the Board
    • Assessing the leadership needs of the Board, and in consultation with committee chairs, recommend chair and individual member assignments for each of the standing committees

(iii) Human Resources

    • Establishing collective bargaining mandates for the university’s representatives engaged in negotiation of collective agreements with certified bargaining agents representing persons employed at the university
    • Establishing human resources policies that govern terms and conditions of employment of university staff and faculty
    • Establishing changes to the compensation of university staff and faculty not represented by a bargaining agent.

2. Meetings

The Committee shall meet at least four (4) times per year. In accordance with the UOIT Act and the Board of Governors Meeting Policy and Procedures, the Committee shall conduct three types of Meetings as part of its regular administration: Public, Non-Public and In Camera (when required).

3. Membership

The Committee shall be composed of:

  • Between three (3) and seven (7) external governors
  • Vice-President, Human Resources and Services (non-voting)

The Board Chair and Vice Chair(s) and the President are invited to attend as voting members.

4. Quorum

Quorum requires that half of the Committee members entitled to vote be present.