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Investment Committee


The Investment Committee is a sub-committee of the Audit and Finance Committee and is responsible for overseeing the management of the University's investments (Funds) as outlined below and in accordance with the Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (“SIPP”).  The University's investments include all funds invested by the University other than funds that may be invested from time to time in the university’s pension plan(s).

The Committee shall also consider such other matters delegated to the Committee by the UOIT Board of Governors under the auspices of the Audit and Finance Committee.

The Investment Committee shall have the following responsibilities:

i)    Maintaining an understanding of applicable legal and regulatory requirements and constraints;
ii)   Reviewing on an annual basis the university’s Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (SIPP) and making appropriate recommendations to the Audit and Finance Committee;
iii)  Providing semi-annual reports to the Audit and Finance Committee, and through that Committee to the Board of Governors, on   the performance of the Funds and any other aspects of the Funds that the Investment Committee deems appropriate or as requested by the Board;
iv)   Formulating recommendations to the Audit and Finance Committee regarding the selection, engagement and dismissal of the Investment Manager (“the Manager”), the Custodian, the Consultant, and any other agents or advisors that may be necessary to prudently manage the Funds;
v)    Overseeing the Fund and the activities of the Manager, including the Manager’s compliance with their mandate and the investment performance of assets;
vi)   Considering ESG factors in its investment process;
vii)  Ensuring that the Manager is apprised of any new amendments to their mandate;  and
viii) Informing the Manager of any significant cash flows. 

2.       MEETINGS

The Committee shall meet at least four (4) times per year.  In accordance with the UOIT Act and the Board of Governors Meeting Policy and Procedures, the Committee shall conduct three types of Meetings as part of its regular administration:  Public, Non-Public and In Camera (when required). 


Committee members shall be appointed by the Board of Governors in consultation with the Audit and Finance Committee and comprised of:

  • Between three (3) and seven (7) external governors, including:
    • one governor who is also a member of the Audit and Finance Committee; and
    • one governor who is also a member of the Strategy and Planning Committee
  • Up to three (3) elected governors
  • Vice-President, Finance (non-voting)
  • Vice-President, External Relations (non-voting)

Consideration shall be given to governors who possess the requisite financial and investment expertise to provide knowledgeable oversight of the investment portfolio.

The Board Chair and Vice Chair(s) and the President are invited to attend as voting members.

The Chair will be selected from among the voting members of the Investment Committee. 

4.       QUORUM 

Quorum requires that half of the Committee members entitled to vote be present.