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Strategy and Planning Committee

1. Terms of Reference

The Strategy and Planning Committee is a standing committee of the UOIT Board of Governors and is responsible for overseeing the strategic planning for all aspects of the university and assessment of the implementation of the university’s plans in the context of the university’s vision, mission and values.

The Committee shall engage in broad strategic planning by reviewing, at least once every 2 years, and making recommendations to the Board on the following:

i) the university’s strategic plan;
ii) the plans supporting the implementation of the strategic plan, including those plans that reinforce the core mission of the university including, but not limited to plans in the area of:

(1) strategic differentiation and positioning;
(2) government and institutional relations;
(3) advancement;
(4) infrastructure, and;
(5) strategic plan performance metrics.

iii) strategic foresight, risk, and scenario planning;
iv) annual Board of Governors retreat planning; and
v) other areas as the Board may assign to the Committee.

Governance, governance plans and human resources plans are within the purview of the Governance, Nominations and Human Resources Committee.

2. Meetings

The Committee shall meet at least four (4) times per year. In accordance with the UOIT Act and the Board of Governors Meeting Policy and Procedures, the Committee shall conduct three types of Meetings as part of its regular administration: Public, Non-Public and In Camera (when required).

3. Membership

The Committee shall be composed of:

    •  Between three (3) and seven (7) external governors
    •  Up to three (3) elected governors

The Board Chair and Vice Chair(s) and the President are invited to attend as voting members.

The Chair shall be selected from among the external governors.

4. Quorum

Quorum requires that half of the Committee members entitled to vote be present.

5. Internal UOIT Invitees

As the Committee is responsible for the strategic oversight of all business units of the university, every member of the Senior Leadership Team is requested to attend and participate in the Committee meetings.