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Procedures for the Approval of International Agreements

Classification number LCG 1199.03
Framework category Legal, Compliance and Governance
Approving authority Senior Leadership Team
Policy owner Vice-President, Research, Innovation and International
Approval date February 2006
Review date To be assigned

Procedures for the Approval of International Agreements

New proposals for international agreements must be approved by the Dean concerned before they are forwarded to the Office of the Provost. Agreement proposals must include the following information.

  • the reasons for choosing the institution in question and, especially, the added academic value that the agreement will bring to the Faculty concerned;

  • the existing partnerships between the two institutions;

  • costs that might be incurred by UOIT under the agreement;

  • how the agreement will be implemented in the short and medium terms;

  • opportunities (where possible) to have the project funded externally in whole or in part;

  • the names of those responsible for overseeing the agreement; and

  • all other information that can make it easier to assess the proposed agreement.

The Office of the Provost ensures that the project complies with the principles and practices of the University in this area; it also gathers information on the project, consults faculty initiators if needed, circulates relevant documentation to the President's Policy Committee for information, identifies what academic approvals might be required, and, submits a recommendation as appropriate to the President's Advisory Committee. Only officially-approved agreements are considered as binding for the University.

The following are authorized on behalf of the University to enter into agreements that have international implications including but not limited to international academic linkages and research projects for specified time periods: 

With respect to a single agreement that will impact a particular Faculty, two signatures are required:

That of the:

  • President

  • Dean of the Faculty

With respect to a single agreement that has institution-wide implications, two signatures are required:

That of the:

  • President

  • Provost