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Contracts and agreements

Insurance liabilities

  • In every transaction between UOIT and its suppliers, the university is exposed to liability claims.
  • Most of these transactions involve a contract or agreement containing terms and conditions outlining responsibilities. These contracts are usually provided by the supplier and are drafted to favour the supplier.
  • UOIT wants to ensure these contracts or agreements do not impose or transfer a liability or responsibility to us from the supplier, beyond what is reasonable.
  • Before the contracts or agreements are signed, the insurance clauses must be reviewed and their removal or amendment negotiated. The insurance clauses will have some of the responsibility outlined; however, it is not unusual to find many other clauses and responsibilities throughout the contracts or agreements. 
  • In the contract or agreement, the following words are used to transfer liability to UOIT:
    • Hold harmless
    • Indemnify
    • Assume
    • Additional insured
    • Liability
    • Total responsibility
  • Prior to signing any contracts or agreements, forward a copy of the entire document to the Insurance and Risk Management department to the attention of Jacquelyn Dupuis.
  • In consultation with you and with your assistance, we will review:
    • the contract or agreement
    • what it is intended to do
    • your desire to complete the contract or agreement
    • the positive impact for UOIT

Note: Signing authority for all contracts or agreements is restricted to the following individuals: