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Insurance and Risk Management overview

Aspects of the university's insurance policies

General liability insurance

  • This policy covers all staff, (full-time, seasonal, part-time, temporary categories) and all operations which represent scheduled university activity and all students, as long as they are acting under the direction of a university staff member or the occurrence takes place during an authorized university activity. If the university function is held on campus, a liability certificate is not required.
  • This policy provides coverage for all scheduled university activities, including any university-approved student activity. This extension, however, does not apply to students acting in any way as protest against the University of Ontario Institute of Technology or any part of it (i.e., strikes, demonstrations).

Renting of university facilities

  • While the insurance the University of Ontario Institute of Technology purchases is for the protection of the university's assets, facilities and individuals who are on official university business, it also protects visitors to the university. While protecting visitors, this creates an exposure when visitors are on the property. Of particular concern is when some of the university facilities are rented out to other organizations or groups. Therefore, it is imperative that prior to agreeing to rent out university facilities, the individual or group renting the facilities have an insurance policy in place and provide a liability certificate (certificate of insurance coverage) to the university. Specific limits, terms and conditions of the event should be verified with Jacquelyn Dupuis, Director, Risk Management, at ext. 5673.

Slips and falls

  • If an individual, other than an employee, should slip and fall anywhere on campus, please report the incident directly to Security, who will advise Insurance and Risk Management.
  • If an employee should slip and fall anywhere on campus, please report it directly to Security, who will advise Human Resources.

Property policy

PC theft

  • The university does not provide insurance coverage for any personal property of students or staff members located on university premises. Please ensure Security has assessed your office security. For laptops that are left in the office, please secure with a lock to the desk during the day. Overnight, store the laptop in a locked cabinet, out of sight.

Damage by flood or fire

  • Facilities Management, Security and Insurance and Risk Management should be notified immediately with details of the occurrence and what action is proposed regarding repairs and/or temporary solutions.
  • Frequently called numbers: 
    • Help Desk: ext. 2326
    • Security: ext. 2400
    • Risk Management: ext. 5673

Automobile Policy

University vehicles or personal vehicles

  • For insurance reasons, the use of any university-owned or leased vehicle is limited to approved university business only. Personal use of any university vehicle is strictly prohibited.
  • Any driver authorized to operate a university-owned vehicle must have a valid driver's license with the appropriate class for the vehicle to be operated. In addition, Insurance and Risk Management must be notified of all individuals who are operating university vehicles for any period of time.
  • If a personal vehicle is used to transport students and employees, the insurance on that vehicle is the primary coverage in the event of an accident, whether the driver is an employee, a volunteer, a student athlete or anyone else driving the vehicle with permission of the vehicle's owner.

If you are an instructor or staff member and use your own vehicle for university purposes (e.g., transporting students to field trips), you are not covered by the university's automobile insurance policy. In any automobile accident, the policy covering the specific vehicle is primary and would respond. The university's liability is limited to the mileage expense incurred. Individuals should be governed by good business practices when requesting staff and students to use their vehicles for business purposes. Please note: Private insurance companies require individuals to carry business insurance when using their private vehicle for employer purposes.

Renting or leasing vehicles

  • Short-term vehicle rental (less than 30 days) is not included in the university's automobile insurance policy. Such rental arrangements must include appropriate insurance coverage.
  • When renting a vehicle while on university business in North America, you should purchase the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) from the rental company. If third-party liability and personal accident coverage is available through the rental agency, it should be taken.
  • When renting a vehicle abroad, purchase all coverage offered by the rental agency, including CDW.
  • If police are contacted as a result of an accident, provide a copy of the police report to Insurance and Risk Management.